The most painful Eid Eid: Rizvi

BNP’s Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi commented that the Eid will be the most painful this year. He said this at a press conference on Monday. The press conference was held at the BNP’s central office in the capital’s Naya Paltan. Rizvi highlighted why the Eid would be ‘painful’.

He said, “The most painful Eid in the history of Bangladesh is not the most painful Eid. Because, the most popular leader of the country, Khaleda Zia has been imprisoned with illegal power. Because of this, the establishment of the rule of unrest in the democracy, restraint, violence and injustice.

Rizvi complained that Khaleda Zia was kept in jail for mental and physical harm. This is due to the establishment of a permanent zamindari regime.

Rizvi’s statement, the country has now fallen into an extreme chaotic situation after the one-party BAKSI government was under the control of the country. So most of the people do not enjoy the Eid. Apart from not getting the fair value of rice, there is no Eid joy in the millions of peasant households. Because most people do not have money in the pocket, the markets are almost empty, not sold, it has acknowledged traders. Therefore, there is no joy of Eid in their minds.

Rizvi said many teachers of the MPO-affiliated school-madrasa have not received salary and bonus yet. In their minds there is no joy of Eid. Many expatriate Bangladeshis were sent back to Bangladesh due to the absence of work from abroad and other countries in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia. Millions of unemployed youth in the country They have no work, no income. There is no joy of Eid in their homes.

Rizvi said, due to the repeated destruction of the shares, the small traders have lost their capital. There is no joy in their home. There are false cases against BNP’s 50 million leaders and workers. They are out of their homes, homeless or in prison. There is no joy in their home.

Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said that thousands of people have been subjected to the disappearance of the present mismanagement. Women and children are being killed, raped and tortured. There is no joy in the family of Eid also.

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