Pakistan has said that no one is a favorite in the World Cup

Before the World Cup, Sarfaraz Ahmed said, who would take the team if possible? ‘Jos Buttler’, in a word, Pakistan captain replied. Why did Butler’s name say that against Pakistan it showed Batler? The wicketkeeper batsman picked up his 75th ton. But today’s Butler did not score anything. Pakistan beat England by 14 runs The 75-year-old may look great on some other side, but Butler’s name seems quite faded.

Butler has made a habit of picking a regular fifty-over to England 50-60. Today, he needed a lot of things in England. England wanted to see if they could run away to one and a half It did not happen because of the 11-match defeat after the World Cup came to Pakistan, Pakistan was seen.

Pakistan were skeptical of winning by 348 runs. Before the World Cup, they have had a nicety bitter taste in England. Lost by three and a half runs in the match. What is the guarantee of his will that today? England said the World Cup pressure was different. That’s why the famous batting line up lost the road today. The two openers failed. Jason Rae gave Mohammad Hafeez 14 runs in the fielding Hafeez smashed 84 runs well In reply, only 8 runs scored. Once again, the team’s only review wasted! Companion Bairstow returned quickly with 32 runs Captain Morgan also scored 9 runs. Stokes gave 13 runs more than the captain.

The target of 349 runs 4 not out of 118. Pakistan had to spend the whole time worrying about the match. There was a wailing, “Junk” Both of them have shown how to score quickly six runs without a single shot Only two runs out of 130 runs in 17 overs.

Whenever the match goes out of reach of Pakistan, the drama Route (107) left the Century In the 45th over, Mohammad Aamer got his century in the extra cover with four fours to hit Buttler Out of the next (103)! The match came in Pakistan’s hand. England need 61 runs from 33 runs.

Moin Ali is the mainstay of England. But he was not able to say in the bat. So, in a while, the equation stood at 53 to 24. Mohammad Elam’s 15th from the ninth over Riaz took 9 runs from the first four of the next over. But Maine (19) finished the uncomfortable innings out of the fifth over. Oakes (21) caught behind the wicket after the next wicket. The match came to Pakistan completely. Is it possible for England to take 29 runs in two overs in 2 overs?

All the answers in the next over come together. Jaffara Archer hoped that England would be beaten sometimes But the third manager caught all the trouble. The next over was limited to playing ball only. There was no doubt about the result of the match. Wahab Riaz (77/3) and Mohammad Aamir (67/2) made a wonderful ball in the slog overs. The reason why the World Cup has been picked in the team, the answer to that question has been amazingly two.

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