BJP-Trinamool counterattack slogan in West Bengal

The politics of West Bengal has now become hot with the slogan. Wherever West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is going, the supporters of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are calling her ‘Jai Sriram’ slogan. BJP’s newly-elected MP Arjun Singh announced that 10 lakh postcards written by ‘Jai Sriram’ will be sent to Mamta’s house. Due to her frustration, Mamata also announced a counter-slogan.

The BJP has started the first phase. Wherever Mamata is going, BJP supporters in front of Mamta Bahar are slogans ‘Jai Sriram’. During the campaigning of the Lok Sabha elections, BJP slammed the slogan for the first time in front of Mamata Banerjee in Chandrakona. Since then.

After the Lok Sabha election, Bahujali leader Arjun Singh has been elected as MP from the Trinamool constituency. He has lost the ‘heavyweight’ candidate of Trinamool and former Union minister Dinesh Trivedi. Tensions arose in Barrackpore area after winning Arjun Singh. The clash began between the BJP and the Trinamool.

Trinamool alleged that 400 workers and supporters were left out of the conflict. In the protest, the party’s leaders and workers participated in the sit-in in front of Naihati municipality on Thursday. On the way to join the program, Sriram slogans in support of BJP supporters in front of Mamta Bahar in Bhatpara. Mamata goes furious. Later, in police intervention, Mamata joined the strike in the face of dhahati.

Mamata Banerjee announced, this time Trinamool will win the sound of Sriram sounding ‘Jai Hind’ Jai Hind Bangla and Hindi are being given for ages. Besides, he announced that Bengali people will call ‘Joy Bangla’ in the phone conversation.

Mamata announced the formation of two forces to stop the BJP. A men’s army ‘Jai Hind Bahini’ Women’s army ‘Bangjaniani Bahini’ The leaders of these two forces also announced the names.

Jatiyapriya Mallik, president of North 24 Parganas district of Trinamool Congress, and other leaders of the party went to the party’s meeting in Kartapara area of ​​Barakpur area on Saturday. When the meeting began in the grassroots office, the BJP supporters started calling slogans ‘Jai Sriram’. In the BJP’s struggle with the Trinamool. Police also baton the BJP workers to stop the clash. In this, BJP workers and supporters blocked the movement of railways.

BJP’s newly elected MP Arjun Singh has announced that 10 lakh postcards written in ‘Jai Sriram’ will be sent to Didi’s house. Every postcard will be written in ‘Jai Sriram’ When these postcards are thrown at the nearest postbox, it will reach Mamtat Kalighat’s house. At the same time, his secretariat will be reached in Nabanna.

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