Tuesday, 23 Apr 2019

The soldiers leaving Venezuela in the arms raids

The army has left the army with no confidence in President Nicolas Maduro on the horrific clash over bringing foreign aid. The number is estimated to be more than 100. Some of the Venezuelan army left in support of the protests are now worried about their families.

President Nicolas Maduro government has expressed concerns about the safety of the family. But the decision to leave the army is correct. BBC News online on Monday, BBC journalist Orla Guerin has interviewed some of the soldiers who have now been living in Colombo. So far, hundreds of soldiers have been renegotiated. They left the army leaving their weapons on the ground. A 23-year-old rebel soldier told the BBC, “The president’s loyal army might torture my family.

I think, this is the best of all the decisions I have made so far. “There has been a major clash in Venezuela on Saturday, bringing foreign aid to the opposition on the border with the government. To prevent the demonstrators, the army fired rubber bullets and tear gas shells. President Maduro blocked parts of Venezuela partially to stop the aid. Venezuelan opposition leader Huan Guaido is behind the foreign aid. Last month, he announced himself as an interim president and threatened to bring foreign aid, including food, medicines, to the country. Attempts were made to bring this foreign aid to the country on Sunday with the help of volunteers.

Venezuela’s political and economic crisis has been intense. The price of the price increases. People from here are struggling to buy basic products like food and medicine. Many people have left the country. At least 27 million people escaped from Venezuela since 2015 Guaido stressed, people need help. On the other hand, Maduro says efforts are being made to bring help to the country as a part of US intervention. On Saturday, at least two people were killed in a fierce clash with Venezuela’s border in Venezuela. BBC Online reports that on the condition of non-disclosure, they agreed to give some interviews of renegade soldiers.

They said many more soldiers want to leave the party like them. Professional members are tired to see corrupt officials. They do not want to be slaves, want to be independent.
A renegade female soldier said, the situation is ‘exciting’. He further said, ‘I am thinking that I can not harm any of my country’s people.’

Another renegade soldier said that he was shocked by the violence in Venezuela for helping people in this way. He also said, ‘I felt myself unable. I was having trouble. ‘

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Mike Pampo threatened President Maduro, saying that “the time has come for Maduro”. He told CNN that it is difficult to specify how long he has (Maduro), it is difficult to say it. But I’m confident, the Venezuelan people will ensure that Maduro is running out of time.

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