Tuesday, 23 Apr 2019

Arunachal Uranium with RPC

After the NRC (National Citizen Registration) in Assam, there was anger in the PRC (Permanent Residential Certificate) which started in the neighboring state of Arunachal Pradesh. One person lost his life in this incident. Many people were injured.

Curfew has been issued to handle the situation. The army is patrolling the streets of the city of Itanagar. Internet service is closed. The BJP government led by Pema Khandur wanted to give permanent status to the permanent resident of Arunachal Pradesh for a long time, though not a landowner. In the state assembly, bringing the new bill to non-Arunachalis, this problem is a hindrance. Various organizations of Arunachalas called for strikes.

Yesterday the movement became violent on Saturday morning. Starts arson Hundreds of cars were burnt to the fire of anger. Official property worth Tk 150 crore was burnt by the government. Local tribes enjoy special privileges in Arunachal Pradesh. Along with them, other tribals also have. Gorkha, Santal, etc. The Arunachal Government wanted to introduce new laws to the benefit of tribals. But the protesters demanded that the outsiders should not be given the PRC. From the Arunachal provincial student body, it turned out to be uneasy in the movement called by various organizations. Itanagar Itananar International Film Festival is closed. Bollywood’s Satish Kaushik, Ronnie Lahiri is in the hotel. It is widely vandalized in the movie festival place.

Chief Minister Pema Khandu gave the decision to withdraw the decision to give non-Arunachalese PRC to the situation on Thursday. He himself said in social, that the new decision about PRC will not be taken in the current session of the state assembly by respecting the emotions of the Rajyaasis. In this situation the Chief Minister urged the people to maintain peace. Central Home Minister Rajnath Singh from Delhi also requested the same. But the situation is still thwarted.

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