Tuesday, 23 Apr 2019

Anupam’s wife?

I have brought me from within you, my house inside your house. Now mind, the other is not in your mirror. Rainy, tired day is the madness of my words. Do you know me? … the title of the song ‘From Your Inner’. Piya Chakraborty sang Another of his identities, he was one of the most popular musicians, lyricist, composer and music director Anupam Roy’s wife at the time of the Bengali song of India.

Anupam Roy has recently released the song on his YouTube channel. Since then, the couple has been flooded with praise. Those who comment on the song, they wrote, ‘Excellent! It is a great song written by Anupamara! ‘,’ Writing, Tune and Singing – Excellent! ‘,’ The real drunkenness of spring standing in the urban ruckus, its softness, beauty and beauty are captured. ‘,’ Mousumi Bhowmik Touch and tone in the tone and words! ‘,’ It became very good to listen to the song! ‘,’ Apurba, you want to hear it again. Really, this is the best gift in the spring! ‘,’ Grandma and grandfather, a great concept! ‘,’ Surprise again. ‘,’ Surprise! ‘ On the occasion of Spring and Love Day, the song ‘From within you’ has come.

Then came to Facebook Live, Anupam Roy said, “The song was created a long time ago for a play by Deesha Rai. The name of the play is “Flowers in the Morning in the afternoon”. That’s my first job for the drama. The song was later. What can be done with the song? Piya Chakraborty has sung another song a few months ago, ‘the forehead of forehead’. This is also Anupam Roy’s old song. The new song is brought back. The same song ‘from within you’ is similar. But there was a lot of this song to write to Pia. Because, only a part of this song was written for the play. Piya said, ‘I heard the song long ago. I liked it very much.

Then it was not heard again. The song was covered with dust. Anupam Roy then said to him, ‘If you want to sing, then you will have to write.’ Anupam Roy said, ‘There is a great difference in thinking in singing the songs of others and singing songs written by them. So if the song is written, if he writes, then something new can happen. ‘Later,’ The song ‘from within you’ is written in full. Anupam Roy tune in there He also operated the music.
When is Piya singing? He said, he has taken music training for many days. But I never thought I would write songs or become artists. Then how ‘made of the forehead’? Piya said, ‘I love singing, so sang. After uploading to YouTube, many have praised.

Anupam Roy married Pia Chakraborty, a friend of many friends on December 6, 2015. He studied Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Jadavpur University in Calcutta and did PhD in Pia Anthropology from the University of Greater Nation Siv Nader.

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