Tuesday, 23 Apr 2019

Yaba trafficking continues, using cooks, snakes, tourists and people from different classes

Yaba trafficking is being carried out using cooks, snakes, tourists and people of different classes. Yaba traders took this technique to avoid the attention of the law enforcement agencies as the search operation was tightened. Occasionally some shipment is caught, but most of the intricate.

It has been learned that Yaba was being trafficked in Cox’s Bazar from Chittagong to Chittagong. Since the law enforcement agencies strengthened the drive since May last year, Yaba traders chose another strategy. 44-year-old Omar Farooq He worked as Imam for 15 years in Jame Mosque, Haridaspur Dhop house in Dhamrai, Dhaka. Besides, he used to teach Hafizia Nurani Madrasa in the area. The son of a Yaba trader studied there. He proposed to Farooq Yaba business. According to him, in the last six months, four ships took away from Cox’s Bazar to Dhaka. Apart from the cost of each shipment, he gets 12 to 15 thousand taka. Following the arrest of Imam Faruq on a Dhaka-bound bus from Cox’s Bazar on Feb 13, Kotwali Police Station Police can get this information. Six thousand Yaba pillars were recovered in special pockets of his waist and pajjabi pocket.

Faruq’s wife Tahmina Akhter said that her husband can go on foot in the greed after going through greed. Before he was caught, he did not know anything. If you get out of jail, do not let him do this work again. On January 26, an Imam of the mosque named Enayet Ullah was arrested during the trafficking of Yaba in the Maijjar Tech area of ​​the city. Two thousand yaba pills were removed from his stomach. The Khatib of Chandanpura Shahi Jami Mosque of the city, Helal Uddin said in the first light, there is no punishment in the world for evil deeds. The Imamah reminds people of the terrible punishment of the hereafter. This is why many people are far from doing bad things. Sadly, some imams named some people are engaged in bad jobs.

Although the real Imam is in the absence of hundreds, do not take the wrong path. Police arrested Abul Hossain, a man named Yaba on trafficking snakes in a box of snakes, on Jan 25. At this time 5 thousand yaba pills were seized from him. On September 14 last year, two drug merchants arrested with 6,800 yawas from the Station Road area and the Department of Narcotics Control, was arrested. They were smuggling narcotics by eating cooks. On February 9, RAB arrested eight people during a Yaba trafficking tour. RAB-7 Chittagong captain Lieutenant Colonel Miftah Uddin Ahmed said in the first light, because RAB is in strict position against the drug, traffickers are using fictitious techniques to trick people of different occupation of society. How to Take Strategies No one can escape

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