Tuesday, 23 Apr 2019

Whether the BNP has sabotaged, it needs to be investigated: Information Minister

Information Minister Hasan Mahmud said, “Fakhrul’s remarks on the fire is indicative of the sabotage of BNP.” On Saturday, he inaugurated a book titled “Bhehaa Bhanga Ghahaan”, written by poet Abdur Rouf in his home at ‘Dewanji Pukurpar Lane’, and ‘Kabhi Gokhin’ from poet Monjil Murad Lavlu. Say this Awami League’s publicity and publication secretary and Information Minister Hasan Mahmud said, “There is no democracy in the country, so there is a fire in Chukhata of Chuqbazar in the capital. BNP BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has said that the BNP has committed any sabotage, killing people by killing petrol bombs in such a statement. . “The information minister said,” My loan is about Mirza Fakhrul Ata was very high. But lately, he is talking paradoxically.

It does not mean that it is irresponsible to say that there is no democracy in Chawkbazar. Hasan Mahmud said, “Before the 2014 election, the BNP has killed more than five hundred people by throwing petrol bombs on people demanding that there is no democracy in the country, through this statement, they can have their involvement with the fire in Mirza Fakhrul incident.” Three and a half thousand people were burnt to death by the name of establishing democracy. In the same way, the way Chawkbazar fire has any connection with the same kind of fire that killed the petrol bomb in the time, Mirza Fakhrul’s statement pointed to similar sabotage. “I do not know the relation of democracy with the fire of Chawkbazar. However, it can be explained by this statement that it is necessary to investigate whether there is any involvement with Chawkbazar fire incident like petrol bomb incident. ” Due to apathy, one accident is happening after one another. The government is not accountable for doing evil.

Urging Fakhrul to take lessons from the neighboring countries, the minister said, “The recent political situation in the country’s killing of 42 people is hot. Elections after several months. In this situation all opposition parties said that we are with the government. We will be with the government that will take action. “Hasan Mahmud said,” The incident of Chakbazar fire is very tragic. The whole country is shocked today, people are mournful. Even if people can not do anything, at least pray for the wounded and killed. At this time, as a responsible party, they should have shown national unity. Without doing that, it is not appropriate to bring politics in any event. They are instead indicating their involvement. “Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will be coming to Chittagong on Sunday to inaugurate the work of inaugurating the Karnafuli tunnel and laying the foundation of the elevated expressway.

In this context, the Information Minister said, “Honorable Prime Minister said in 2009, he took responsibility for the development of Chittagong on his own shoulder. In the continuation of that, Chittagong has changed in the last 10 years, the country has changed. Akhtaruzzaman flyover from the sky, when people are mistaken, it is Chittagong City, or Bangkok. The love and respect of the Honorable Prime Minister on Chittagong is its manifestation on Sunday. “Ekushey editor-in-Charge Azad Talukder presided over the meeting and former general secretary of Chittagong North District BCL. Discussion on the publication of poetry book in Abu Tayeb was discussed by the former Principal of Agrabad Women’s College, educationist Anowara Alam, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Humanities Faculty of Chittagong, Professor Sekander Chowdhury, author and author of Balaka publication Jamal Uddin. Highlighting the success of the writers of the poetry, the information minister said, ‘Poetry is a means of expressing the mind.

Poetry speaks of society, speaks of society. Poetry teaches people to be sophisticated, to inspire to be a protest. Poetry contributed to the creation of patriotism and equality in society. At this time the free flow of information technology has reduced interest in writing poetry. Once in the library, there was a tendency of people to read. But the smartphone has snatched that habit. Bill Gates did not give smartphone to his children before he was 16 years old. Parents should be aware of the misuse of this phone. “He said,” Today 30-40 years ago there were small papers on paper. Students write poems. When he printed the poem, I saw his dam breaking the fur. That’s no longer there. Now there is no small page on paper, poetry is not written.

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