Tuesday, 23 Apr 2019

Lots of tourists, hotels and motels are not available in Cox’s Bazar

Today, it was found on the beach at Labani Point on Saturday morning, a large number of tourists are busy with Gosal. On the other hand, without the hotel, many tourists are standing on the city’s Calatali road.

The children also accompanied them. They did not know that they would have to suffer the first time in the world’s longest seaside tour. Nawab Mia (45), a businessman from Rajshahi who came in collapsing with his four children in the morning. Then he has searched around 10 to 12 hotels in the neighborhood. But the rooms were not available anywhere.

At 12 noon, Nawab Mia said in the first light, “Many people will come here, I have not even imagined. I do not know where to go with the kids. ‘The city’s Sugandha cultural center was sitting in the hotel waiting for hundreds of tourists. In this, the suffering of women and children is in the extreme.

Without getting the room in the hotel on the previous day, the bus was brought with a large number of people, ticket counters of different transport companies, educational institutions, food restaurant, beach chair at the beach, hotel reception and local people had to pass the time. The tourists are expected to attend this festival till 28 February, according to the hoteliers. Cox’s Bazar Cottage Owners Association president Kazi Rasel Ahmed, who has 117 cottages and guesthouses, said that in the last one era, the arrival of such a huge tourist was not available in Cox’s Bazar. In the last three days, there are 4,70,000 people on the beach tour. More than 1.20 lakh people live in Cox’s Bazar on Saturday.

Many more hotels-motel-cottage rooms have been booked in advance due to advance booking. Hotelmalekera said that a large number of tourists were in trouble due to the occupation of several 40 to 50 high quality hotels and motels in the city for one and a half years due to the occupation of Rohingya refugees. There may be a crisis in the future. In this case, the hotel should be visited by booking hotel in advance. Tourist police superintendent of Cox’s Bazar Zillur Rahman said, suddenly the police have to face the difficulties to handle the presence of millions of people. As well as touring the beach, the tourists are going to visit the hill stations of Himchari, Darianagar, Rockyar beach Inani, Teknaf’s Mathin well, Naf River, Marine Drive, Saint Martin Island.

There is no place for til. There was no problem due to the harsh security. However, tourists complained of receiving hotel rates at an extra cost. In this context, Kazi Rasel Ahmed said that some hotels in the beach area have been charged with receiving extra rent. But he did not have the jurisdiction to see it. Tourists complain that many thousands of tourists spend their night on the bus or on the beach, but they have problems with bathing and bathing. Especially women and children are more likely to get into these problems. Apart from the beach’s Labani and Sugandha points there is no toilet or changing room anywhere else in the city.

District Chhatra League President Ishtiaque Ahmed Joy said that the BCL activists gave humanitarian assistance to some tourists who did not find hotel rooms in the last two days. In the meantime, a group of 50 people from Kalyanpur and Mirpur from Dhaka arranged a flat at the airport road and another night for another 20 people in an auditorium in the city’s Jowtola. NGO officials say that the situation of tourists has taken place due to taking office and monthly basis in hotel-motels. Tour operator association of Cox’s Bazar (TOAK) president Tofail Ahmed said more than four lakh tourists came to Cox’s Bazar in the last three days. In contrast, the business has been worth billions of rupees. By February 28, more than three lakh tourists are likely to travel to Cox’s Bazar. Then there will be more than hundred billion taka business. Deputy Commissioner Kamal Hossain said the Administration has been aware of the security of a large number of tourists besides their problems.

There are several mobile courts headed by magistrates to supervise whether the extra fares are available from the tourists. Legal action will be taken if any complaint of tourist harassment is proved.

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